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Happy New Year

Apart from all the lovely walking which I do with Geoff, the highlight of 2012 for me was finally getting my Job transfer, not only can I now walk to work but I have a new job on the checkouts which I love 🙂

The low was not getting to do another massage course but its high on my list for 2013.

I also would like to master sock knitting so to start 2013 off I have enrolled in a class at Craftsy which was on offer at half price.

Soon I have 10 days skiing out in Les Gets with Geoff, not sure what walking we shall be doing in 2013 but what ever we do it will be fun.


My Bruise

bruiseI only had one bad fall while skiing over Christmas, luckily some nice french man came to my rescue and picked up my sunglasses, and ski poles which had been thrown off and only after I insisted that I was ok did he leave me 🙂

I now have quite a painful bruise in a very delicate place


Can you guess where ??

Christmas cake skiing and knitting

We may not have had a traditional Christmas dinner but the Tartiflette was delicious.

Christmas 2012One thing we did not miss out on was a Christmas Cake, Isla and I made it while Geoff was in New Zealand and we bought it over to Les Gets with us.

This years cake seemed to be extra nice, maybe because of our lovely snowy surroundings.

As well as skiing, quite a bit of knitting has been done this holiday too, I have been doing my socks and I taught Emily how to cast on and do the basic knitting stitch and her scarf is growing quickly, far more quickly than my socks 🙂


After fresh snow durring the night we had a great morning skiing and my confidence is growing again, with only one bad crash this time and a lovely bruise to show for it I am happy with my progress really its only my fear of speed that stops me 🙁

A Unique Christmas

For the first time in my life I have been out of the UK for Christmas.

Skiing on Christmas Day has been fantastic 🙂

Christmas dayI cannot lie and say I wont miss my Christmas dinner,but while up on the mountain we did call into the Grand Ourse where I had a good smell of the Hog roast which should keep me going till I cook a christmas dinner.

I am looking forward to a few hours skiing tomorrow before we fly home late tomorrow night……


BUT I wil be back here in Les Gets for 10 days skiing from 12th Jan lucky lucky me !!!!

Now I am going to make a traditional french dish for our dinner……  A tartiflette





Book that massage now !!

Screenshot 18:12:2012 08:55-2

Visit for details……  especially if your feeling stressed, run down or suffer from arthritis, sciatica, back ache and any other general aches and pains.

I wish I could massage myself as then my legs and sciatica could be kept under control !

Gift Vouchers available too 🙂


Cranberry, Orange and Almond fruit loaf

I am always on the look out for new recipes especially at Christmas time.

This time I came across a few great recipes in the Christmas issue of the Tesco magazine, realfood.

Which has an ipad app but no iphone app which is a shame as I like to store my recipes on line now but thats where Evernote comes in handy.

So last week I found myself  baking a cranberry,orange and almond fruit loaf, I liked the sound of the recipe as it had marzipan in the ingredients.

I enjoyed making this christmassy cake, it was easy to make, looked special, and tasted lovely

Certainly a recipe to add to your list for this christmas…….

New Zealand Gifts…

I have often admired the Icebreaker  New Zealand Merino Wool clothes

So it was easy for Geoff to know what to bring me back from New Zealand as a gift 🙂

He choose well and I now have lovely socks, matching scarf and a t-shirt that will be great for summer walking and jogging.








Believe it or not but the cost was not much cheaper in New Zealand than it is in the uk, But what a Fabulous gift 🙂

A good place to buy Icebreaker is from a Natureshop .uk