Building up a Massage Business

It has been hard trying to build up my massage business this year and I lost a few clients who are struggling financially.

At the moment I  have a few regular clients, in and around Kings Lynn and the rest dip in and out for treats, as and when they can afford it.

I would also like to build up my massage business in Cambridge too , where I have a few weekend clients.

Some times it feels like its never going to happen,I will never get that one extra client.

Then you get that one phone call or e-mail that makes it all worth while.

Amazingly someone has just booked and paid for 10 back massages as a Christmas gift for his mum, who lives in a village just outside of Kings Lynn.

That makes me realize that its all worth while and next year could be my year !

After Christmas I intend to do a leaflet drop, I have 200 of the above leaflets printed and ready to go 🙂

Do you have any suggestions on how I might grow my massage Business ????

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5 thoughts on “Building up a Massage Business

  1. jameshigham

    It must be difficult because it is something people treat themselves with, massage and it is subject to the economic state. It’s also not a good atmosphere for starting up business right now.

  2. pandammonium

    Use Google to find marketing tips and tricks; for example, I found this, which even talks about a massage business:

    Also, there are several books about how to use the internet, social networking, youtube and so on to get your brand out there. Have a look at, for example:–Making-Sharing-Advertising-Business/dp/0978046064/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1292970217&sr=1-5

    You might find some these in the library or not, but if not, they should pay for themselves over time!

    Contact companies to see if they’d be interested in you visiting them to give interested employees a massage during their lunchtimes. Try science parks and business parks. What about freelancing at gyms and leisure centres?

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