Daily Archives: December 28, 2009

The Big surpise

Some people don’t like surprises but I have to admit that I do like them.

Although the surprise I had on Christmas day did almost give me a heart attack .

I had many fantastic gifts and felt emotional anyway, as I am always touched by how thoughtful and kind people can be.

Then I was given an unexpected gift and was told this was my real gift.

I could not have even began to imagine what it was and as I opened it I was squealing and crying in amazement, even writing this is bringing tears to my eyes.

My gift ….. a 13 inch Mac book 🙂

I am home now and it connected to the internet instantly

Skype is so sharp and clear

Daily mugshot works

It has a whole 7 hour battery life

Basically it just works and I know everyone will sigh with relieve when they hear BBC IPlayer streams perfect.

Thank you is not enough but I hope Geoff knows how very grateful I am for this wonderful gift.

He even picked the perfect purple case for it 🙂