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Over the past few weeks whilst doing my Swedish massage In Cambridge, UK I have been experimenting with a different massage oil, Pure virgin Coconut Oil

This oil is only liquid at room temperature’s over 24 degrees ,less than that and it solidifies.

So I have bought a baby bottle warmer to keep my oil liquid for when doing my mobile massages.

All my Cambridge massage clients have really liked this oil,so now not only do you get a wonderful massage but also a full body moisturising treatment too and at no extra cost!!.

Its also a great hair moisturiser so makes a fantastic oil to use for an Indian head massage,and of course its great for the face too, I’ve been using it for several months as a face cream :-).

From now on I shall be using Pure virgin coconut oil for all my massages in Cambridge, Kings Lynn and Downham Market.

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3 thoughts on “Cambridge massage UK

  1. Emily

    oooh sally i know what i’d like for christmas please 😀 this sounds soooo nice and relaxing after a hard time working (partying) at uni 😛 xxx

  2. devonshire dumpling

    I still have a jar of coconut oil which I warm a bit in the palm of my hands and use on my hair. Wonderful stuff isn’t it? Like you, I do Indian head massage but I was drawn to this post thinking you had gone all kinky with “Swedish Massage” headings and oiling up bodies…..all I can think of is a male adonis with the bluest of eyes and blackest of long lashes who needs oil rubbed into his skin, and there you are – talking about your legitimate serious business.

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