More reasons to have an Indian Head Massage.

“Benefits of Indian head massage include easing insomnia as well as
together with increasing oxygen supply to the brain, improving blood
circulation, doing away with toxins found in one’s head, boosting one’s
immune system, improving joint movement in an individual, strengthening
and relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles and last but not least
improving the energy flow in one’s physical system.”

More Information can be found over at Health and wellness

An Indian Head Massage is just what you need as we go into the Winter months šŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “More reasons to have an Indian Head Massage.

  1. New York Massage

    Thanks for this link to Indian Head Massage. More and more of my clients are requesting this type of massage, and I think it will grow in popularity nationwide because of its tension-relief abilities.

  2. sally

    Hi Darren, you should not be self concious because … if Coconut oil is used this would help your psoriasis

    “This oil which has a sweet odour is traditionally used by women to lubricate dry skin and hair. It can be helpful in the treatment of psoriasis.”

  3. Darren

    I had one of these once. It was really good. Not sure I got full benefit not having a sense of smell. But since I developed Psoriasis on my scalp I’ve kind of been abit self concious about this sort of thing, so I don’t have them any more.

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