Inka Massage

A massage here is very cheap compared to england ,

At around £10 for an hour .

So i hope to have a few while here.

We had one last night and i made a big mistake by say i wanted a firm massage .

It was like being tortured but i am sure it did me some good .

The real funny thing was hearing geoff snoring away as i thought how
can he sleep through so much pain 🙂

The massage did include some hot stone massage which was wonderful so
i may have that next time

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4 thoughts on “Inka Massage

  1. envious devonshire dumpling

    Sal, I am totally amazed that you still are finding the time to update your blog (I thought you would be busy seeing the sights after tiring Geoff out) I am surprised you have not changed your blog to “Sally in Peru” but your online presence thwarts me as I had fully intended running amok on your blog while you were away.

    Hope you and Geoff are having a great time. Take photos! (of the area, I mean)

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