Indian Head Massage.

Believe it or not but I only have 8 weeks left on my Indian head massage course at the college in Kings Lynn.

I almost know the whole routine off by heart now, just when I thought I was never going to remember it,it just all fell into place.

We have learnt about the face muscles and face bones, now its time to learn about the skin But as I did that in my body massage course I do not have to re-sit the test again.

In the short time we have left not only do we have to make sure we know the routine,which has 60 different stroke to it, covering the …

1. Upper back and shoulders                                  head

2. Upper arms

3. The Neck.

4. The Scalp

5. The face

But we also have to do 3 case studies.

Last week-end I felt confident enough to try my Indian head massage on someone other then Geoff.

This is part of the E-mail I received from them yesterday…

"head massage  was FAB- will give you any reference you like!"

As you can imagine this has boosted my confidence quite a bit.

So come February I will be taking Indian Head massage clients as well as Swedish body massage clients.

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