Ten reasons to have a Massage.

I’m a firm believer that  a regular massage can have a very positive effect on your health.

1) Massage relieves stress, anxiety and muscular tension and pain.

2) Massage improves the circulation of blood, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the different organs, systems and tissues

3) Massage stimulates the circulation of the lymphatic system- thus helping to untitled2release toxins (remember to drink plenty of water after a massage!)

4) Massage can help lower blood pressure

5) Massage enhances flexibility, mobility and joint range of motion

6) Massage reduces scars and adhesions

7) Massage boosts the immune system

8) Massage reduces fatigue (emotional and physical)

9) Massage can relieve depression

10) Massage helps with pain management in cases such as arthritis and sciatica

You only have one body so look after it 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Ten reasons to have a Massage.

  1. Leslie

    Highly agree with you about massage! And actually just had an hour’s worth this morning to help relieve all the muscle pain and tension as a result of the lower back’s instability. Still waiting for a surgery date…hope it won’t be too much longer, but probably not until the new year. *sigh*

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