Relaxing home massage’s in Kings Lynn

This week has been the best week so far for my Swedish body massage business.

My aim has always been to try and get five bookings a month.

This week I am delighted to have achieved my goal by having six bookings in one week.

I visited three clients in their own homes near Kings Lynn,taking my portable massage table and  relaxing music with me.

The other three clients came to my home for their massage.

The hard thing is getting clients to re-book on the night, most come back ,but not till they are ready.

All my clients have found me through my Swedish massage page on my web site.


Great new cards I have for my Swedish body massage business  BUT they got home phone number wrong its 01553 not 01556

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8 thoughts on “Relaxing home massage’s in Kings Lynn

  1. Ellee

    How did I miss this post? Sally’s massages are fab. I can’t wait for the Indian head massage, Sally will need to try it out on a full head of hair too! 🙂

  2. Anne

    I have experienced Sally’s massages, they are brilliant….but you will never know how relaxing they are until you try one 🙂

  3. onethoughtfulwoman

    Book one, its heaven. Trust me I am a new client and it was so relaxing. Saly has an excellent technique and very professional. Felt very comfortable and confident with the whole thing.
    Thoroughly recommended!!!! Not to be missed.

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