Daily Archives: May 25, 2008

What a spectacle…

Sad to say but I am getting to that age where I need to wear my glasses more and more for reading.

I have my 2 yearly eye test booked for Wednesday and I know my prescription will have changed.

I have been looking around at glasses trying to find some I like, thinking I should have bi-focal ones and just wear them.

So far my favourites are these green and red ones…  I know which I prefer but what do my readers think ???

glasses green

glasses red

My First Radley Bag.

A while ago I posted about Radley bags 

Now thanks to Geoff  I am the proud owner of one… so many beautiful ones to choose from, bags for all occasions.

I chose a practical one for everyday use and hope it lasts well.

Such a Lucky girl !! 🙂


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