Massage….extending my area to Cambridge.

Last week I did my last massage assessment at college.

All went really well.

Now its just a matter of finishing all the paper work required to pass my NVQ.

When I started this course I had no idea just how much I would love it or how passionate I would be about giving a client a massage.

Its really important to me that my client enjoys his/her massage , the more they enjoy it the more I enjoy it.

Another thing I have discovered is, that giving a massage is just as relaxing as having a massage.

During the week I work from home near Kings Lynn But on Saturdays I am now looking for clients in Cambridge.

So if you live in Cambridge and would like a massage before or after you hit the shops please look here for details.

We are in walking distance of the shops and Train station.

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7 thoughts on “Massage….extending my area to Cambridge.

  1. Kevin Peat

    You’ll end up doing everyone a massage and getting thoroughly fed up with it I’m sure.

    A glass of wine and an open fire of a cold evening is the only therapy I need.


  2. sally

    Ellee.. I already do that….people that are happy too use a computer ( not everyone likes them ) leave comments on my massage page 🙂

  3. nunyaa

    If it helps the one I love, I’d gladly give him a massage. My kids like it also. Quietens my 7 year old real quick, he calms down with a simple shoulder and neck massage.

  4. Ellee

    Sally, I know you will pass with flying colours. Perhaps you should add a link with testimonials from satisfied customers to boost your credentials. Good luck!

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