The back massage

Massage class started off with a test last night… I was nervous, its  been along time since I had to do any school work. star

Full of confidence now as I got a gold star and 100%, now don’t go thinking I have brains as these tests are all multiple choice and quite easy if you put in the work and learn what you have been told too.

We then got the back massage demonstrated to us, as I said before this is the longest of the routines and had new moves in it too , like skin rolling, which most of us will need to practice many times before we get it perfect.

The next few weeks will be used for practicing, then we shall start getting timed, the clock will come out and we will be told when to go from one sequence to the next so in the end we will get the whole routine spot on the hour. 

 On the theory side we have now covered the bones and the muscles next week we start on the skin…

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