An interesting massage

This week at massage class we learnt how to do the buttocks.

We had been looking forward to this week… mainly because it looked fun but also it means we now only have the back massage to learn.

The back massage is the longest in the whole routine and the one everyone enjoys the most.bum

The buttocks is another short massage of aprox 2 min’s and includes beating pounding hacking and cupping…. it will take a few practice runs to get it right.

This week-end I got to practice twice,first practice was on Geoff (he’s always first in line ) I tried the buttock massage out on him and he seemed to like it but I know I can do it better with practice.

Second practice was on Ray, who seemed to enjoy it and left feeling totally relaxed… but no buttock massage for him, maybe next time.

I was pleased because I did the whole routine with out having to look at my book.

Now I have to finish learning my muscles as we have a test on them this week…

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9 thoughts on “An interesting massage

  1. Phileas

    Interesting reading, I am a fellow Norfolkian Sally, If you need a volunteer for your massages count me in.

  2. jmb

    I can’t believe that a buttock massage exists as a separate entity. I’d offer to be a guinea pig for a full massage any day. Too bad you are so far away.

  3. Ian Lidster

    Cute photo.

    I didn’t realize there was yet another nude beach on the Anglian coastline. Those bawdy Nofolkians.


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