Chest and neck massage…

Week 2 of my massage course, glad to say I was not scared about it this week ,in fact I was really looking forward to it.

The first hour is spent doing theory, this week we covered consultation forms and was given our first assignment which is to produce our own consultation form.

This sent me straight into panic mode as I am really not very good at this kind of thing and have never used publisher before.

After being reassured that I could just do it on A4 paper and improve on it as the weeks go by I felt more confident about doing it.

We then had a recap on the arm massage sequence before we got to practice it again, after a short break we were shown the sequence and technique for the Chest and neck massage.

I must say not only was the chest and neck massage lovely to practice but it was also a divine massage to receive. Its only a short 2 min massage but so relaxing….

I now need to start practicing what I am learning… both my boys thought it was hilarious when I asked them if I could practice on them….

Geoff is still away so I cannot practice on him yet…..

So any volunteers out there  ????????  I can think of one fellow blogger who I may be visiting next week that would do just nicely.

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1 thought on “Chest and neck massage…

  1. jmb

    I’d love a massage. If only you could teleport yourself here or I could go there. I can see why your sons turned you down. I hope you find some other takers.

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