Short summary of the GR10

It was tough walking, the weather was hot , the scenery fantastic and I loved every step I took :-)

If your thinking about walking in the Pyrenees and along the GR10 I would recommend a few things..

Remember to take insect repellent or bite cream as I had a few nasty bites.

Make sure your kit is light and quick drying as its a hot dry dusty place and you will want to wash your clothes out at night.

If you are a light sleeper take ear plugs if staying in dormitory type refuges.

In peak season July/August book refuges in advance ( we had a few lucky nights where we just managed to get the last beds available )

If staying at Cortalets think about staying an extra night to enjoy a walk to the summit of Carnigou.

Keep your pack as light as possible, mine was around 10kg with water and lunch.

Most of all ENJOY !




131 miles / GR10

Geoff & Sally in BanyulsWe are now in Banyuls after walking 131 miles in eleven days along the GR10

We have had perfect weather very hot at times and only rain during the night

It has been a very tough walk but I have enjoyed every second and Geoff will never know how much I have appreciated the opportunity to do this walk with him

It’s been great to have my Kindle and catch up with the reading I long to do, but always seem too busy to do at home

Looking forward to a good nights sleep after being in full, air less, dormitory rooms for the past few nights, with some real miserable French people :-(

3 days till we fly home, will be interesting to see what we do I hope to get a few hours on a nice beach in the sun with my Kindle

Then I cannot wait to have a bath and give my clothes a proper wash

It’s been perfect :-)

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Location:Avenue de la République,Banyuls-sur-Mer,France

Trailside Eco Lodge

Sally striding down GR10We had mountain thunder storms during the night so was happy to wake up to a clear fresh day

After another breakfast of bread and jam which I really struggle with, we were off on our way at 8.30am

Today’s route was a much easier walk with no noticeable height gain or loss, mainly through forest and across ski runs .

We soon covered the 12 miles and found ourselves at the Trailside Eco Lodge by 1.30.

The downside to finishing so early is the long wait till the 8pm dinner the upside is more time to read my book and rest my feet / legs ready for the next day.

Dinner here was very good all local organic food with local cheese too. Only 2 other guests staying a French couple we have bumped into now and again they started on the same day as us from Merens and will be going to Banyuls too so we expect to bump into them again.

Tomorrows refuge has no shower or electric so should be interesting.

It’s now pouring with rain and thunder can be heard in the distance but hopefully it will be dry and clear again by morning.

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Location:Casas del Mitg,Planès,France

Tough walking

GR10 Geoff & Sally on snowWe are now at refuge Des Bouillouses after 2 really tough days walking along the GR10.

The first day was only 6 miles but it was a constant climb,the actual height gain was 1367 m so not bad for a Norfolk girl

That night we stayed at Refuge Des Besines very remote and beautiful with a great evening meal which made up for the expensive price .

We had breakfast at 6.30 and was on our way by 7.30 as it promised to be another hot day.

The height gain today was only 602 m but it was a good 11 miles over very rocky paths, some still covered in snow.

The 2 hour climb up to Coll de coma d’Anyell was just awesome! Then it seemed a long way down till we eventually arrived at tonights refuge.

We had a long wait for the showers as a huge French walking group had just arrived but I passed the time with Mr Grey and my Kindle :-)

Photos for day 1 can be found here and day 2 here.

Happy to say my achilles is behaving but as a precaution I am applying Voltarol gel morning and evening.

As I write a mountain storm is brewing.

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