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KLCC Reliability Ride

Yesterday was my first reliability ride, organised by KLCC, I was not quite sure what to expect but it was fun :-)

Basically you have 2 routes to choose from a 100km and a 50km and you choose the time you expect to do it in.

photo (32)

100km Cappuccino Target Time <4hr10 to 4hr45>

100km Espresso Target Time <3hr30 to 4hr05>

50km Cappuccino Target Time <2hr10 to 2hr40>
50km Espresso Target Time <1hr40 to 2hr10>

I really wanted to do the 100km but as I have been poorly decided to be sensible and choose the 50km.

There was 10 in our little group including Pete from Wisbech Wheelers , he was a great group rider and put the slower riders (and lets face it we all have off days )  in the front so us faster ones did not push the pace too fast which would result in splitting the group up.

This worked really well, the only time we split, was up the hills then the first up waited for the rest to catch up before setting off again.

We also rode in pairs,when it was safe to do so, chatting away, switching partners every now again which made it very sociable and fun.

We easily finished in our estimated time doing 32 miles in 2 hours 14 mins.

Having perfect weather and a lovely group to ride with made this a great day.

Next week we are going to do the 50 mile social ride with the Wisbech Wheelers from Sandringham Then its the epic  Wiggle No Excuses sportive :-)

Hectic !

Life has been pretty hectic since I came home from Les Gets, not that I am complaining, as I like it this way :-)

I started back to work with a 10 hour shift, have seen many lovely massage clients, biked over 100 miles and ran 11 miles…

Something new is a 7am Yoga fitness class at the Fitness studios Kings Lynn, which I am hoping will improve my flexibility just a little but mainly stretch me, in many ways, especially as its on a

Tuesday morning after a midnight shift at Tesco on the Monday.

I took the plunge and went for my bike fit, which resulted in my seat being put up a foot, well not quite but it feels that way, most importantly though I have progressed to clip in pedals, which I am told will make a huge difference, so watch this space …

We had another British Cycling Go-Ride ladies only training session, which was really fun and enjoyable so I have booked in for the next 2 sessions as well.

This weekend Its off to Cambridge to say hello and goodbye to Geoff who is just home long enough for a massage and a hair cut before he’s off on his travels to Vietnam

Next weekend a walking friend is coming to stay and we are having a walking weekend at Castle Acre with the Cambridge Rambling Club.

Then a biking day In Norwich with another friend is on the cards and the big one is the Wiggle No Excuses Sportive on March 1st followed by the LDWA Daffodil Dawdle on March 30th A fab way to spend Mothers day :-)

If I am not knackered after all that there are plenty more plans…………..

Better late than never !

Finally today I have baked our Christmas cake, something I love to do every year, I enjoy trying out a different Christmas cake recipe each year, I even made one last year and took it in my luggage to Les Gets

photo (22)This year though I seem to have lost my MoJo for baking and cooking, something I thought you would never hear me say :-(

I think there are two reasons for this…

With Geoff away travelling so much and the boys cooking for themselves and their girlfriends, its no fun cooking just for me so I suppose I have just got out of the habit :-(

and then of course there is the cost and time.

So the most exciting thing I seem to make is soup as its quick easy and don’t cost a lot to make.

The cake recipe I have tried this year is a simple one, BE-RO Christmas Cake .

Hopefully my MoJo will have returned in time for cooking the Christmas Lunch,else it will be a Turkey sandwich and a bike ride :-)

An Extra Shift…

I have just done my last Monday evening over time shift for Mr T

As from next Monday it will become a permanent contracted shift, 6pm to mid-night.

Having never worked such a late shift its going to be interesting, I often wonder who shops so late at night and now I am about to find out.

Must say I am rather pleased about this extra shift especially as It wont interfere with anything else I do :-)

I just hope I like it !!

Souvenirs from Hungary

I just cannot stop collecting fridge magnets

It started because they are small and light, making them perfect souvenirs for when we are walking and I have to carry everything.

Now I am addicted to collecting them from every place I visit with Geoff.

As you can imagine after almost 7 years my fridge is getting rather full and I have some lovely memories :-)

Sally In Norfolk

Sally Relaxing !

After the most fantastic holiday in and around Budapest with Geoff, I am now back in Norfolk, while Geoff carries on with his bike ride along the Danube bike trail.

Usually our holidays are long distance walks, which some would say is not a holiday at all, but this holiday was totally different.

We did some walking, some sightseeing, some biking, and lots of relaxing with Spa pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, thermal lakes and turkish baths.

I even went for 3 runs by Lake Balaton :-)

In one word it was… Heaven !!

Now its back to my beloved bike, Ladybirds,  Parkrun  and Massage clients 

Hungarian countryside

Monday 30th September,

Today we caught a bus from Budapest out to Sasto in the Hungarian countryside.

1-IMG_5525We had booked ourselves into the Panorama Panzio for 4 nights thinking it would make a great base while we explored the Matra Mountain Range.

Soon after arriving at the Panzio it became apparent that all was not as advertised on

Thinking or hoping it would be ok we took ourselves off for a lovely walk along some well marked tracks.

On our return the reception was shut and it was obvious there was going to be no food.

So we wandered down the track to the camping site that is being renovated only to find the restaurant closed. Luckily the snack bar was still open and they reluctantly served us chips and lukewarm goulash soup before pulling the shutters down on us :-(

The wifi advertised as available in all rooms was in reality only available at the far end of the corridor.

Which is where we sat and planned our escape …